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Holiday Help: 8 Reasons You Should Utilize Our Short Term Stay in Omaha

Holiday Help: 8 Reasons You Should Utilize Our Short Term Stay in Omaha

A senior man and his caregiver spending time together during the holiday season
November 6, 2023

The holiday season is a time of joy, family, and festivities, but it can also be a period when caregivers need additional support. Astoria is here to provide that support with options for a short term stay in Omaha, ensuring your loved one receives compassionate care while you manage the busy holiday season. This will help provide you with peace of mind while you work to manage your many other duties and responsibilities.

Below we have compiled a little bit of background information about respite care as well as eight reasons to consider Astoria for your short-term respite care needs during this upcoming holiday season.

What is Respite Care?

Before diving into the benefits of a short-term stay at Astoria during the holidays, let’s clarify what respite care entails. Respite care provides temporary relief for primary caregivers, offering a short-term break that can range from a few days to several weeks. It’s an essential service that allows caregivers to tend to personal matters, work, or simply recharge, with the peace of mind that their loved one is in a safe, nurturing environment.

Benefits of Short-Term Care

1. Flexible Short-Term Respite Care

Astoria offers adaptable short-term respite care throughout the holiday season. Whether it’s for a few days while you finalize holiday preparations or for a couple of weeks to accommodate travel plans, we can tailor our care to suit your schedule, offering a stress-free solution during the bustling end-of-year festivities.

2. The Gift of a Trial Stay

The holidays are a perfect occasion to sample what life would be like for your loved one at Astoria. A short-term stay gives them the full experience of our community’s warmth and hospitality, potentially paving the way for a long-term arrangement. This is an excellent choice for those who have potentially been considering transitioning to a senior living community full time but were apprehensive about whether it would be a good fit for them. After all, there is nothing more telling than getting a first hand experience. 

3. Professional Care During the Holidays

Our compassionate staff is dedicated to providing continuous, expert care, giving you the freedom to focus on holiday shopping, cooking, and planning without worry. Knowing your loved one is cared for and content allows you to fully engage in the festive cheer. This is extremely important for caregivers, as it is impossible to pour from an empty cup. You deserve the time off to truly rest, recover, and focus on holiday activities. 

4. Home Comforts and Personal Touches

For short visits, a comfortably furnished room awaits each guest, complete with the furniture and necessities essential for your stay. Of course we always encourage guests to bring along something from home, even if they are visiting for just a few days. This might include a favorite blanket or a framed photo of their family. These small touches go a long way in helping our respite stay visitors to feel right at home.

If the stay is longer-term, we’ll help you to move in your own bedroom furniture. This means that no matter how long you plan on visiting Astoria, our community will truly feel like a home away from home.

A senior woman holding hands with caregiver on cane at the short term stay in Omaha

5. Engaging Holiday Activities

Astoria’s residents enjoy a festive array of activities. Our holiday programs are designed to celebrate the season, fostering a community that is merry and bright, ensuring that the joy of the season is shared by all. Those visiting can look forward to movie nights, board games and trivia, crafting sessions, and so much more! All of these great activities will be themed for the season, helping everyone to really feel the holiday spirit. 

6. Nutritious and Festive Homemade Meals

It is no secret that good food plays an integral role in celebrating the holiday season. Our culinary team takes pride in preparing holiday meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious, catering to the unique preferences and dietary requirements of our residents. Every meal is a festive occasion in itself at Astoria. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks are catered to our residents to be both nutritionally dense as well as delicious to eat!

7. A Secure and Joyful Environment

The safety and security of our residents is paramount, especially during the cold weather season. Astoria’s secure environment means that you can enjoy your holiday activities knowing your loved one is safe and well-cared for. For those with memory care needs, know that our building is secure and safe, even for those who are visiting for a short period of time. Our staff is very knowledgeable and highly trained to help individuals of all varying levels of needs to be their happiest, healthiest selves.

8. Socialization and New Friendships for Seniors

During the holiday season, social connections are particularly meaningful. Astoria’s short-term stays not only offer caregivers a well-deserved break but also provide seniors with the invaluable opportunity to mingle and form friendships with other residents. 

Our community is vibrant with individuals from all walks of life, and during a short term stay in Omaha, your loved one can enjoy the company of peers, share stories, and participate in festive activities together. This communal joy and the chance to make new acquaintances can be especially uplifting for seniors during the holidays, making Astoria a place where new memories are made and companionship is in abundance.

Contact Astoria Today!

Astoria understands the unique challenges the holiday season can bring, especially if you are the primary caregiver of a senior loved one. Our short-term stay in Omaha is designed to provide a seamless extension of family care, enveloped in the warmth and cheer of our community. A stay with us means that your senior loved one will have ample opportunity to connect with others, enjoy good food and engaging activities, while also in a secure and safe environment. 

Contact us today to arrange a holiday respite stay – let us be your helping hand this festive season, ensuring your loved one feels right at home.