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Life Enrichment at Astoria

Thriving through life at Astoria

We feel that engaging the mind, body and soul is key to a happier, healthier life. That’s why we offer a wide range of life enriching programs that are sure to do just that. We feel strongly that our commitment to life enrichment is one of the most unique things we have to offer. 

No matter your age or ability level, we guarantee our life enrichment programs will spark fellowship, fun and fulfillment. From onsite activities like karaoke, cooking, exercise and crafts to offsite adventures like boating, hiking, attending sporting events, visiting museums, and much more – opportunities for excitement and involvement abound at Astoria. We even personalize activities to meet your individual preferences and interests. Residents are also encouraged to try new things that they may have never considered before. Programs like Seasons provide the opportunity for residents to participate in fun themed activities, celebrate holidays and visit local events and attractions. Another way we foster excitement and fulfillment is through our List for Living program, where we help individuals realize dreams big and small.