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Rates - Tracy

Base rates

Astoria in Tracy offers three room types in The Gardens and The Place – companion, private and deluxe private – as well as those same three options in The Villa, the smaller, more intimate environment of our second building. 

Base rates start at $3,995 per month, an equivalent of $131 per day. 

Base rates include the room, all utilities, meals and snacks, life enrichment activities, free transportation and more. Health costs are charged separately – see below or visit our Wellness page for more information. 

Other cost considerations include:

A community fee equal to one month’s rent is due upon move-in. A portion of this fee is refundable within 90 days of move-in.

Families are responsible for services not provided by Astoria, such as personal phone and salon services.

Level of care

Most Astoria residents require personal assistance and care. For those individuals, we offer level-of-care packages. Services offered include medication management, bathing and dressing assistance and more. Your level of care is determined by a personalized assessment performed by our Director of Nursing, in conjunction with your personal physician, if you wish. In the assessment, your needs and preferences will be evaluated. Each service is assigned a point value based on both the time and level of expertise required to complete the task. The level of care is determined by the total number of points for desired services. Up to 49 points of care (Level 1) are provided free of charge. Level 2 starts at $525 each month, and costs go up from there. Rates may differ based on location. Please reach out to our community for details. 

Respite stay rates

A short-term stay is a great way to find out how well an individual will acclimate to the setting. It can also be a bridge between hospitalization and home, or a helpful respite for family caregivers who need to travel or just take a break. 

A short term stay is $250 per 24-hour period. Additional fees may be charged for enhanced care or personal attendants. A minimum length stay may be required. Please ask for details.