LifeCycles – Our wellness philosophy

LifeCycles is our exclusive wellness program that embodies our mission, philosophy and core values. The program provides a framework for helping residents live as fully as possible within the four dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, spiritual and social. Built on a 52-week curriculum of the experiences we all have in common, LifeCycles transcends boundaries, challenges stereotypes and creates meaningful connections between people of all ages.

Group and one-on-one activities are planned to incorporate each resident’s interests, references, goals and lifelong habits. Some activities are regularly scheduled to provide routine and structure, while other activities are spontaneous as opportunities naturally arise. All activities enrich the lives of residents and reduce boredom and loneliness while empowering them to live life to its fullest.

Beyond delicious meals, health care and other services, residents at Astoria Senior Living are provided with companionship, meaningful activities and staff that is committed to creating moments of joy every day.

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