Nobody says it better than Astoria residents and families. Read through these personal stories and reviews of our memory care and assisted living communities.

We honor a person’s life by telling his or her story

clockphoto-228wWhen age or Alzheimer’s disease rob people of their past, it is our job to help gather and preserve the memories that remind them of who they are, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done. Bringing important events, accomplAG_w TracyCalmentorDSC00209-228wishments and experiences from the past into the present helps older adults to establish their legacy for the next generation.

Stories are an affirmation of all the positive things a person has done in life… and may still wish to do. They are the link to each one’s life history. It’s a privilege to share our AG_w TracyCA4-228wresidents’ stories through school programs, recognition activities and special life story projects.

We’re also committed to generating new stories, through new experiences and adventures!

Families and friends have stories to tell, too.

Here’s what some of them have said about Astoria Senior Living:


From a son:

“Just a line to let you know Mom is getting back to her old self. A little more lively. She was even joking and laughing when I had her to the Doctor’s office. She lights up when she sees you and Joy. Just wanted to thank you for all you do for my parents!”


From a daughter:

“I cannot express how happy my family is with the staff at Astoria. My mother has Alzheimer’s. In her life she was a high school teacher before she got a law degree and opened her own practice. She was also very active in the community, serving on several local boards and belonging to at least a dozen civic organizations over the years.

When we were trying to take care of her at home, I always had the feeling that we could not provide the amount of social stimulation that she was used to. At Astoria, she has developed relationships with the caregivers and with other residents as well. There is always something going on, and she can take part or not as she chooses. That’s what I like best about what you do.

Mother’s health has improved dramatically since she moved in, and I rest easier knowing that she is getting her medications as prescribed.

Becky Langdon, the director, once told me she hires on the basis of attitude, and it shows. All of the staff are very helpful, the caregivers are very loving, and I am always delighted at the amount of humor all around me when I visit. Thank you.”


From a son:

“When my mother was due to be discharged from the hospital, she was dying from cancer and I knew I could no longer provide the care that she needed at home. My wife and I did not know what we would do, and Astoria Senior Living was recommended as a possible option.

When we visited, it was clear that the residents were happy and there was a true feeling of compassion and caring. I went from being sad for having to place my mom in a facility to excited and happy that she was going to such a neat place.

The nurse first met my mom when she came to visit her at the hospital. My mom felt this was a nice gesture. On her move-in day she was greeted with smiles and balloons. Her bed had not been delivered, so Mike found one for her at the last minute. Antonia made the paperwork easy and explained everything to me. Angela was one of the caregivers who was very kind, and Tasha was another one who did everything possible to make my mom comfortable.

These are just a few of the incredible employees that Becky has assembled. The staff is a reflection of her leadership.

In my mom’s last days she thanked us for finding her such a nice place. She told us how good the food was, how friendly everyone was, and how comfortable she felt at Astoria.

Anyone can learn technical skills, but Astoria has something special. Thank you.”


From a family:

“The family of M. J. would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the staff and caregivers at Astoria for taking care of our mother during the last two years and moments of her life. Thanks for making her comfortable, content and happy, and for treating her like she’s as much a part of your family as she was ours. We always knew she was getting the best care possible when we weren’t with her and that peace of mind is hard to find. Words cannot express our appreciation and gratitude for all that you have done to make her golden moments count and her life worth living.”