Our Philosophy

Astoria residences are beautiful… and well-designed

AG_ b Bike07rs-228wCheerful and bright, Astoria residences are reminiscent of charming, single-story resorts. Because each is located in a residential neighborhood, they also feel comfortable and homelike. The surrounding grounds are filled with courtyards and lovely gardens.

AG_orange lily1-228wBut more importantly, they’re carefully designed to accommodate people with different needs who live together in smaller “neighborhoods” within the building. Each neighborhood includes its own living room, dining room, and private bedrooms. Residents also have access to their own kitchen for snacks and activities. Halls and sidewalks allow residents to walk freely in circular pathways. Security features are discreet, yet ensure safety.

Tracy DSC02924-228wBut the real beauty is on the inside

Our philosophy of assisted living is based on three concepts: a natural, non-institutional approach to whole person care; our responsibility to honor the uniqueness and potential of every resident; and creating a real feeling of family.

The LifeCycles difference

AG_w TracyCalhandprints-228wWe believe quality of life is the moral and practical goal for every person, no matter what their state of health. Even for those with a memory loss condition such as Alzheimer’s, the question is always, “What does this individual need to enjoy life to the fullest, right now?”

The answer is LifeCycles, our signature wellness program that addresses the physical, intellectual, spiritual and social elements of aging, while recognizing the higher needs we all share:

  • To feel valued and a sense of belonging
  • To make decisions about our own lives
  • To find meaning and purpose

So beyond delicious meals, health care and other services, residents at Astoria Senior Living are provided with companionship, meaningful activities, and staff that are committed to creating moments of joy every day.

Attention to detailTracyCANovember-228w

We start by learning the life story and preferences of each person. Accommodating their personality and habits helps each one to feel at home, and knowing their backgrounds helps staff relate to and understand residents. Staff members are hand-picked for their compassion and friendliness. They’re carefully trained; ready to respond to any need, day or night, with personalized care.

Resident interests are also incorporated into the activity program. Our program is second to none, with its wide variety and balance of group and one-on-one activities every day of the week. There are planned events, trips and parties; daily chats and exercise options; activities that involve families, children and pets; and also fun, spontaneous experiences.

Laughter is a common sound at Astoria Gardens!

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Treating people like family

Astoria Gardens is home to a unique family, a circle that encompasses residents and staff – and their families too. Every employee provides the kind of care we’d want for our own loved ones.

In the best famiTracy DSC02908-228wlies, members of all ages treat each other with respect. They encourage and listen to one another. It’s where we rejoice, play and grieve together; where individuality is appreciated; where we learn and grow together. Safe harbor and unconditional love are found there.

People thrive when they feel like part of a cherished family, knowing they’re surrounded by those who only want what’s best for them. It’s also a comforting, supportive and healing environment for those who are facing loss or illneTracy DSC00871-228wss.

We understand that families often want to care for their loved one themselves, and may feel guilty if circumstances make home care an untenable or unsafe solution. But by letting Astoria take care of the day-to-day details, families are free to focus on spending more quality time — just talking, walking or laughing together.

Our promise is to serve families through good communication, helpful resources and support programs, and our special Family Traditions events.